P.S! This wasn't built for datamining, but rather as a helpful tool to people using Proton SDK. All the code behind converter can be found at HERE.

What is a RTTEX

RTTEX is a Proton SDK (free and open source component based C++ framework with its own touch-optimized GUI system that is optimized for GL/GLES based cross-platform app/game development made by RTSoft Technologies) image format that supports features such as loseless compression, remembering the pre-tweaked widths/heights.

Why would I need to use this

Converting an image to RTTEX is a one-way process normally, the default bundled Proton SDK RTPack does not include a reversible option. This tool exist to reverse the conversion.

Can you convert it please

Sure, just select your file by clicking on the button below. Please note, that it'll create the image in it's full size below. Speed of this process depends entirely on the browser and power of your device.

Image to RTTEX [BETA]

Image to RTTEX only works on image formats that can be easily painted on a JavaScript Canvas. Fortunately, it supports some of the most widely used image formats such as png or jpg.

(p.s. clicking on the image will save it as png)
Image to RTTEX mode
Output padded image (for RTTEX->PNG)